Welcome to the Swedish Company Lawyers Association

Sveriges Bolagsjurister, founded in 1954, is a Swedish association with the main purpose to provide a network for Swedish corporate and in-house lawyers. By organizing events and seminars for its members, Sveriges Bolagsjurister facilitates and contributes to the exchange of professional experiences between corporate and in-house lawyers.

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Swedish Company Lawyers Association

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Through its membership in the European Company Lawyers Association (ECLA), Sveriges Bolagsjurister also functions as the intermediary between its Swedish members and their colleagues in other European countries.

To become a member of Sveriges Bolagsjurister you must work as a lawyer employed by a company, ie. a legal counsel or equivalent. Further, your main task and the company’s main business must not be to provide legal services to external clients. The company shall be engaged in business activities and not mainly public functions.

Sveriges Bolagsjurister has over 1,300 members across the country. The vast majority of them are working in Stockholm. Sveriges Bolagsjurister is led by a board of eight people. Sveriges Bolagsjurister’s highest decision-making body is the Annual General Meeting, which is held once a year usually in connection with the spring meeting.

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